Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2023, 7:30pm

Perry Restaurant 234 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939


Approval of Minutes 05/02/23- approved  


Attending Board members: Kim O’Connell, Mike Boland, Ross Murray, Tad Finnie, Jennifer
Ellard, Jon Weinberg, Seth Liebeck, Joe Crane, Ted Meyer Sr, Blake Schaefer, Andrew Revell,
Danny Searle, Jon Stone

Old Business:
· Board approved the last meeting minutes.
· Kirby field upgrades are now $66k vs the $30k bid provided in 2019. MPMS is happy to
help with $15k of this spend.
o One option is to get more bids. No more bids were offered from the MPMS
o Second option is to see what they can do for $30k.
o Third option is to find another contractor, who has worked with TCLL before.
o Peter Costa is going to help with contracts moving forward.
· Cove field upgrades:
o Needs include a shed to house the lawn mower, and field equipment.
o Identify the location for shed, and the cost/permissions to create a shed. Identify
the requirements for the shed.

  • Division reports
    o Juniors – status is 12-2 – same team is the All-star teams and TOC champions.
    Field space is locked in. Steve L is helping with umpires for this division.
    o Majors – championships tomorrow. No pool players used. Only 1 mercy rules.
    Competitive play overall. Good season.
    o Minors – coaching and umpire issues within the season. Needs some cleaning up
    for next season.
    § Comment that we needed a handpicked umpire for the playoff games.
    § Lacking enough of a feedback loop for umpires.
    § Is there a way to make this an umpire option an app to help? We have a
    big need around this. We can do better.
    § Can we leverage Nate Harbostat to help here? Can we invite him to our
    July meeting?
    § Is there an option to hire High School or other umps to help with this
    playoff timing?
    § Lots of game issues with this and the experience for umps is hard.
    § Is there a way to reward the best umpires to make this work as well?
    § Debate around are the umpires ready to umpire.
    § Idea around a rating system for the umpires. Can we rate them all?
    § The point was made that we are not addressing the issues but talking
    around it. Scheduling, training, umpire quality, etc. are all problems.
    § Boland pointed out that we are still focused on giving kids options.
  • Lack of training on umpires.
    § Inviting Spencer and Nate to help on the effort around umpires. Adding
    to the July and August agenda.

o Rookies update – good competition amongst the teams. Looks like the
evaluations helped a lot with balancing. Teams who have better pitching coaches
are at an advantage.
o Farm update – closed season. We had 2x as many players in Farm than t-ball.
Seemed to work out fine with that many new players. Opportunity to
communicate where the kids play next year. Here’s what you can expect next
year and plug Fall Ball this year.
o T-ball update – 2 teams finished the season. 1 game cancelled for this season.
· 4th of July parade – entered for TOC and all-stars are submitted for the parade.
· Twitch block happened for 48 hours.
o A few of our playoff games were in a review queue.
o It was a 48-hour submission.
o Can we mute the sound so that there is no copyright issue with Twitch? Is there
a video only option for Twitch? We do not want to be in a pickle with this. Option
I to pay for copyrights to the songs?
o Jon W said he would work with Stefan to see if we can automate this portion.
o Plan is to switch off the audio on the GameCast side.
· Where are the Special Rules for the next season? Need to post these.
· Tad offered Paradise Sports for the all-stars batting practice during all-stars.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm


NEXT MEETING: First week of July