"You owe it to yourself to the best you can possibly be -- in baseball and in live." -- Pete Rose

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Expectations and Learning Objectives

Reasonable Expectations: Players should understand basic rules and gameplay concepts, and have some familiarity with throwing, fielding, and hitting fundamentals.

  • Objective #1 - Make the game fun & build confidence
  • Objective #2 - Reinforce gameplay fundamentals and skills from previous levels
  • Objective #3 - Introduce new concepts and rules for playing on the big field with “real” baseball rules

Critical Concepts

  • Offensive Skills: Improving consistent contact and power (Offense 6.0)
    • Baserunning
      • Live leads and steals
      • Suggested Drills & Games see
    • “Advanced” offensive strategy with new tools available to runners i.e hit & run
  • Defensive Skills: Improve consistency and fix mistakes (Fielding 6.0)
    • Suggested Drills & Games see
  • Gameplay: In-Game Awareness and Decision-Making (Gameplay 6.0)
    • Managing new base-running situations i.e hit & run
    • Adjusting to bigger field