"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way!" -- Babe Ruth

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  • Major Division is a competitive division with Player Draft.
  • Experience/abilities: 
    • Offense: Proficient at approaching proficiency at differentiating balls and strikes when at bat (wild pitch). Proficiency at hitting a moving ball. 
    • Defense: Proficiency at catch with players, proficient fielding fundamentals, proficient throwing, proficiency at pop-ups, and proficiency at catching above waist and below waist.
    • Comfort with faster gameplay and higher expectations.
  • Field/Location: Joe Wagner Field.
  • General time commitment is 4x per week: practice, batting cage and game times will vary week to week.
  • Offense Objectives:
    • “Advanced” base-running rules.
    • Infield fly, interference, and obstruction.
    • “Advanced” mechanics to improve bat speed & power.
  • Defense Objectives:
    • Advanced Fielding
      • Backhand
      • Picking hop
      • Double plays
      • Ball exchange
    • “Advanced” Pitching
      • Breaking ball mechanics and grips.
      • Emphasize command and strategic pitch-selection.
    • “Advanced” Catching
      • Footwork and throw downs
      • Signals
      • Blocking/stances
      • Framing
  • Ages: 10-12 (Primarily 11 and 12).
    • The TCLL Board of Directors places players into competitive divisions. 
    • All age-eligible players who played in the Major Division the previous Spring season will play in the Major Division. 
    • In general, all 11-year-olds who have played two complete Spring seasons in Minor Division will play in the Major Division.