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Expectations and Learning Objectives

Reasonable Expectations for Player Ability: Coming into the season, players should understand basic rules of the game and be able to safely play offense and defense.

  • Objective #1 - Make the game fun & build confidence
  • Objective #2 - Reinforce gameplay fundamentals and skills from previous levels
  • Objective #3 - Raise expectations of players’ understanding of gameplay fundamentals to build player independence
  • Objective #4 - Raise expectations of players’ skills to minimize errors
  • Objective #5 - Introduce next level of skills and gameplay knowledge to help players transition from majors to juniors.

Critical Concepts

  • Offensive Skills: Improving consistent contact and power (Offense 5.0)
    • “Advanced” base-running rules
      • Infield fly, interference, obstruction
      • Suggested Drills & Games see
    • “Advanced” mechanics to improve bat speed & power
      • Suggested Drills & Games see
  • Defensive Skills: Improve consistency and fix mistakes (Fielding 5.0)
    • Comfort with faster gameplay and higher expectations
      • Suggested Drills & Games see
  • Pitching
    • “Advanced” Pitching
      • Breaking ball mechanics and grips
      • Emphasize command and strategic pitch-selection