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"When you have fun, it changes all the pressure into pleasure." -- Ken Griffey, Jr

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  • Minor Division is a competitive division with evaluations followed by a Player Draft. Friend requests are not considered in the Minors division, however requests for brothers/sisters to play together on a team will be honored.
  • General time commitment is 4x per week: practice, batting cage and game times will vary week to week. 
  • Experience/abilities: 
    • Offense: Approaching Proficiency at avoiding ball (wild pitch).  Approaching proficiency at hitting a moving ball.
    • Defense: Approaching Proficiency at catch with players and fielding fundamentals. Proficient at below waist and above waist catching.
  • Field/Location: Cove Field/Joe Wagner Field.
  • Offense Objectives: 
    • “Intermediate” Base-running concepts
    • “Secondary” leads after ball crosses plate
    • Stealing
    • Reading passed balls
    • Strategy
    • 1st & 3rd plays
    • Bunt defense
    • “Intermediate” Hitting Concepts
    • Pitch selection
    • Bunting
    • Signs and plays
  • Defense Objectives:
    • Situational awareness and run prevention
    • Defending steals and bunts
    • Late & close game scenarios i.e. “infield in”
    • “Intermediate” Fielding fundamentals
      • Footwork
      • Glove work
      • Ball exchange
      • Arm strength and conditioning
    • “Intermediate” Pitching fundamentals
      • Basic mechanics
      • Basic pitch grips: fastball, changeup
      • Basic rules of being the pitcher: how to stand on the mound and legally deliver a pitch
    • “Intermediate” Catching Skills
      • Stance(s) 
      • Blocking
      • Throwing out runners
  • Ages: 8-11 (primarily 9 & 10)
    • The TCLL Board of Directors places players into competitive divisions. 
    • Not all Players seeking to play in the minors will be drafted. 
    • All league age 11-year-olds not playing in the Major Division will play in the Minor division.