Thank you Farm Sponsors

  • Farm Division is a non-competitive division. 
  • No draft. Friend requests are considered when placing players on teams, however, TCLL Board will weigh team balance with friend requests when creating teams.
  • Field/Location: Kirby Field.
  • Experience/abilities: T-Ball/Approaching T-Ball objectives. 
  • General time commitment is 2x per week: practice and game
  • Offense Objectives:
    • Intro on avoiding the ball (wild pitch). 
    • Hitting a Moving Ball
    • Seeing and tracking the ball
    • Timing: “Loading” to get ready to swing
    • Strikes, balls, strikeouts, walks, and foul balls.
    • Improve base-running awareness and decision making i.e. Tagging up
  • Defense Objectives:
    • Continued improvement of Throwing.
    • Continued improvement catching (Approaching above waist, below waist, and pop ups)
    • Introduction of fielding fundamentals.
  • Ages Primarily 6-7