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Expectations and Learning Objectives

Reasonable Expectations for Player Ability: NONE

  • Objective #1 - Make the game fun & build confidence
  • Objective #2 - Reinforce gameplay fundamentals and basic skills learned in T-Ball to build confidence and improve consistency
  • Objective #3 - Promote equal opportunities and teamwork for players with different levels of ability, they will have chances do differentiate themselves at higher levels
  • Objective #4 - Introduce next level of skills and gameplay knowledge to help players transition from T-ball to a “live arm” (Coach-Pitch):

Critical Concepts

  • New Offensive Skills: Hitting a Moving Ball (Offense 2.0)
    • Seeing and tracking the ball
    • Timing: “Loading” to get ready to swing
  • Suggested Drills & Games see
  • New Defensive Skills: Fielding Fundamentals (Defense 2.0)
    • Fielding ground balls
      • Feet, hands, head
    • Catching pop-ups and fly balls
      • Feet, hands, head
    • Suggested Drills & Games see
  • Gameplay: Introducing “real” baseball rules (Gameplay 2.0)
    • New Offensive Rules (Gameplay 2.1)
      • Strikes, balls, strikeouts, walks, and foul balls.
      • Base-running awareness
    • Suggested Drills & Games see
  • New Defensive Rules (Gameplay 2.2)
    • Force outs vs. tag outs
  • Roles and Responsibilities (Gameplay 2.3)

Basic Situational awareness - for each pitch, where to throw the ball if it is hit to you, and where to be if it is hit to someone else