"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

Thank you T-Ball Sponsors

  • T-Ball Division is a non-competitive division. 
  • No draft.  Friend requests are considered when placing players on teams.
  • Field/Location: Gilardi Field.
  • Experience/abilities: None.
  • General time commitment is 2x per week: practice and game.
  • Offense Objectives:
    • Safely holding and swinging the bat
    • Stance, grip, “squaring-up” ball, simple swing, NO THROWING THE BAT
    • Basic base-running
  • Defense Objectives:
    • Positions names and locations 
    • Safely throwing ball to teammate.
    • Intro to safely catching the ball (above waist, below waist, and pop ups)
    • Intro to gripping the ball.
    • Very early throwing fundamentals
  • Ages: 5-6 (primarily 5)