Welcome to the 2022 TCLL season!


On January 29th we will be holding an evaluation for the Rookie Division from 9am-1pm.  The Rookie Division is a league that is generally for 8 year olds and more highly skilled 7 year olds.  7 year olds who demonstrate emerging skills and 6 year olds generally play in the Farm Division.


This year we are requiring all league 8 year olds to attend the Rookie evaluation.   The evaluation is to make sure players have the necessary skills to play with the hard baseball on the larger field, and also to make sure teams are created with some amount of skills balance.


For the handful of 8 year olds who are attending the Minors evaluation on the 22nd, they do not need to also attend the Rookie evaluation.  If your player is not drafted to a Minors team, they will be placed on a Rookie team.


The Rookie evaluation will take place from 9am-1pm, organized alphabetically by last name. Slots will take 45mins. We will set the times once we have final numbers, but anticipate earlier if your player’s last name ends A-G and later if R-Z. Your player will just need to bring a glove and hat; bats are optional, we will supply one if you don’t have one. The evaluation will take place at either the Cove field or at Kirby Field, depending on field conditions. You will receive an email with final details a few days before the evaluation.


If your player is unable to attend the Rookie evaluation for any reason, but wishes to play in the Rookie division, please contact me to make alternate arrangements.  Also, if for any reason you would prefer your player to play Farm this season, please let me know that as well.  You can also email Jon Weinberg (weinberg@gmail.com) me with any other questions about the Rookie Division.