Board of Directors Meeting (via Zoom)

October 18, 2021, 7:30 pm

Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer Jr., Ted Meyer Sr., Jon Weinberg, Ross Murray, Jay Sternberg, Andy Revell, Rajeev Ghia, Dan Searle, Erik Brent, Kim O’Connell, Jennifer Ellard, Chris Coghlan, Joe Crane, and Brent Baker.

  • Approval of Minutes (September 23) – No changes were proposed and minutes were approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Rajeev and Jon are near completion of the transition. The budget will be submitted at the next meeting.
  • President’s Report: No district activity to report.

Old Business

  • Fall Ball Report: Erik and Andy reported that the program is proceeding well and that the umpire training is being implemented at every game. The program will end on November 7.
  • Joe Wagner Improvements Report: Mike and Ted reported on a meeting with Marin Primary School regarding Kirby Field improvements next summer. Ted reported that Joe Wagner infield will be replaced starting on November 8. Other projects moving ahead include repair to training cages along the left-field on Joe Wagner and repair to Gilardi Field for the spring.

New Business

  • Schedule for 2022 Season:
    • Player Evaluations: The president appointed a Player Evaluation Committee: Jay, Bryce, Ross, Jon, Ted Jr., AJ Rea, Andy, Erik, and Chris. The meeting will be shortly so a report can be presented at the next meeting of the BOD.
    • Registration: Will open November 12 tentatively
    • Opening Day March 12.
  • Marketing Plan: The presentation by Jenifer Allard was warmly received and she will work with league management to implement it.  Goals include expansion of league visibility and increased player participation in league activities.
  • Rules Committee Appointment: The President appointed the 2022 Rules Committee as follows: Steve Lightfoot, chairman, Paul Elmquist, Ted Meyer Sr., Dave DeMartini, Kevin Dufficy, and Chad Solter.


Adjournment 8:25 PM

Next Mtg. November 8