Dear Fellow Baseball Fans,

We are happy to announce that registration for the 2021 spring season is opening today and will remain open until the end of December. The link to register is found below.

Given the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. many doubt we will have a season. In the hope we will, the league is proceeding as normal but with a few minor changes. We are requiring only a nominal amount for a registration fee, and will collect the balance if the season proceeds. Twin Cities is working with other little leagues in the district to seek state permission to proceed. In the hope of success, our 2021 league schedule is below. As in past years, a player must reside or be registered in a school within our league boundaries at the time of registration.  T-Ball and Farm players may request teammates consistent with the past practice.

Another change is the format of tryouts. The tryouts for ages 8 to 12 will be held on January 23. Tryouts will be held by age, and per our rules, the league will decide which division the player will be assigned. More details concerning the tryouts will be sent in early January.

Please remember to check our website for a wealth of information including the board of directors meeting dates (open to the public), agendas for the meeting as well as information on how to join it via Zoom, league structure, special rules, and other valuable tools to assist one in enjoying our program.

Like 2020, the next season will be challenging. However, we fervently hope little league baseball will return in the spring. The link to registration is:

Important Dates:

–Tryouts: January 23

–Opening Day: March 13

–Photo Days: April 24 & 25


Today’s quote is from the Mick, “Nothing’s ever been as fun as Baseball,”

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.


Mike Boland, President