BOD Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer, Scott Calzaretta, Ted Meyer Jr., Jon Weinberg, Jay Sternberg,  Brent Baker, Chad Solter, Bryce Fenster, Rajeev Ghia, Jamie Byrnes, Erik Brent.

Member Present: Matt Markhamand

Approval of Minutes (July 21) – approved unanimously as proposed

Treasurer’s Report –      There is a loss of $47K this year after all refunds have been processed.  Expect additional expenses before the end of the fiscal year for utilities et al.

  • Cash balance stands at $146K.
  • Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.

President’s Report – Tiburon pursuing a Sandlot Program per Little League International.

Old Business

  • 2020 Season Status – Decision to pursue a Sandlot Program per little League guidelines. Various members of the BOD will seek permission from the involved agencies and governmental authorities. Hope is that we will obtain the authority to hold the program.
  • Selected September 29 for annual membership meeting and BOD election.

New Business

  • Fall Baseball: see above
  • Survey on member satisfaction to be conducted.

Open Time for Non-Emergency Items – no issues raised


Next Meeting: September 29