Board of Directors Meeting

January 9, 2024: 7:15 PM – Perry’s Rest., Larkspur

Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Jennifer Ellard, Steve Lightfoot, Kimberly O’Connell, Ted Meyer, Brian Lewis, Andy Revell, Jon Weinberg, Danny Searle, Joe Crane, Tad Finnie, Blake Schaefer, AJ Rea, Jon Stone, Peter Costa

Approval of Minutes (December 6th) -adopted
Treasurer’s Report- No significant changes from the last meeting.
President’s Report
District President meeting occurred on December 13th with many new presidents taking over. Background checks were a point of emphasis in the discussion. Some discussion around drafts and how other leagues have handled them over the years. Continuous batting order was discussed with the district president making a recommendation to provide her with feedback once more discussions have occurred within leagues.

Old Business
Rules Committee Report and Recommendations discussion led by Steve Lightfoot. Discussion around why the special rules were edited and how the process takes place.

New Business
Opened up meeting for public commentary by many parents and current players around the potential for a Majors league redraft. All expressed concern about a Majors redraft. The Board of Directors listened to all comments from the public and answered questions of the Board around the process of the potential redraft.

The Board of Directors then had a discussion around the proposed new set of special rules put together by the rules committee. Certain board members made potential alternative solution to redraft language when teams fall out of compliance. A discussion was also had around section 1.4 and whether the board should strike this section from the special rules. After a discussion, the board of directors held a written vote to accept the special rules as presented by the special rules committee. Mike Boland informed the board the results would be released by Wednesday, Jan 10th, 2024.

Joe Crane provided an update on the all-star league age discussion. Reported that district manager, Nancy Miller, did not see this as an initiative and suggested we propose to little league National as well as look at a 50/70 season option. Field space/availability is the obvious concern. Mike Boland will reach out to the Tiburon Little League president to continue the discussion around a potential partnership between leagues.

Security System Report: New cameras are to be operational shortly. A discussion was then had around creating an anti-bullying statement that could be placed under the code of conduct in Twin Cities Little League rules. The board will draft a statement that will be discussed at the February board meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:32 pm