Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2023  7:15pm

Perry Restaurant 234 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939

BOD Members Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Jen Ellard, Blake Schaefer, Ted Meyer, Joe Crane, Dan Searle, Jon Stone, Ross Murray, AJ Rhea, Tad Finnie, Kim O’Connell, Sam Kahn, Peter Costa, Seth Leibick, Andy Revell

Approval of Minutes 09/12/23-approved  


 Treasurer’s Report:

-Budget will be emailed to Board prior to November meeting.

 President’s Report:

-District meeting did not occur. Next one will be in late October.

Old Business:

-Umpire training program has been well attended (20 kids) as we continue to try and build up the program.

-Assign APP has been adopted and is receiving great feedback. Assignment of umpires is now fully done in the App and has alleviated a significant number of past issues. Board aligned to utilizing in upcoming Spring season.

New Business

-Fall Ball ’23 has had a great turnout and is providing a positive experience for all players and families.

2024 schedule updates:

-Picture day is week after opening day (March 23rd and 24th)

-Working on finalizing date for parent meeting (most likely ZOOM format)

-March 16th is Opening Day

-Evals will be January 20th at Hall Middle School (depending on field availability) for Majors/Minors/and Rookies

Age Level Exception Conversation:

-Discussion around creating a grade and age level exception process for 12-year old’s turning 13 in sixth grade to play that year in Majors.

-Goal would be to move birthday eligibility from August 31 back to it’s 2016 date of August 1st.

-Looking to gain district approval

-50/70 intermediate league also discussed as a potential option for these kids.

-District meeting on October 18th.  Goal is to have the proposal sent to district manager (Nancy Miller) before so it can be proposed and added to the November 15th presidents meeting for discussion.

Joe Wagner Security Camera Update:

-4 high end cameras, and one ‘tamper proof’ camera, were donated to the league and will be installed at Joe Wag shortly.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


NEXT MEETING: November 14th