Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2023 – 7:30 PM – Perry’s Rest.

BOD Members Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Jenn Ellard, Joe Crane, AJ Rea,
Bryce Fenster, Ross Murray, Dan Searle, Kim O’Connell, Brent Baker, Rajeev Ghia,
Ted Meyer, Andy Revell
Adjunct BOD Present: Samantha Kahn, James Connolly, Peter Costa,
1. Approval of Minutes March 7-approved /Treasurer’s Report-written report
presented by Rajeev-approved/ President’s Report –report given on district
presidents’ meeting, tournament teams chartered, July 4 th Parade
application submitted, Post-Season draw meeting May 3, PCA to be
considered next season, Post-Season date ranges are as follows: TOC 6/15-
6/19, A/S (10-11-12) 6/24-7/9, A/S (9) 6/9-6/14.

2. Old Business
-Opening Day Report-Consensus is this proceeded well. Hope is to repeat
next season.
-Division Reports: presented by reps and all play is fine.
-CM Parks Master Plan: President submitted written letter of support for
retaining baseball field at The Cove and attended public meeting. Plan of Town is
to retain baseball field.
3. New Business
-Internet Upgrade: Rajeev to check on this and report if it needs
-A/S Play Rules: Discussion of renewing defensive play requirement
followed by consensus to not alter little league play rules.

-Umpire Training: Discussion of expanded training and using Fall Ball to
train umpires for spring. Also discussed was need to enlarge pool of available
umpires. This item will be on August agenda.

Next meeting: 06/06/2023