Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2023, 7:30pm

Perry Restaurant 234 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939

BOD Members Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer Jenn Ellard, Joe Crane, AJ Rea, Dan Searle, Kim O’Connell, Jon Stone, Brett Baker, Andy Revell, Ross Murray, Blake Schaefer, and Jon Weinberg.

Adjunct BOD Present: Peter Costa, Sam Kahn, Seth Leibick.

 Approval of Minutes 02/13/23-  Approved  


 Treasurer’s Report Rajeev not present. Mike Boland mentioned we have given six scholarships this year.


 President’s Report-

-District Umpires receiving new clothes

-District has agreed to replace any old championship banners

-Ross Valley little league will be renovating Bacich field

-Board discussed reengaging with the positive coaching alliance, more to come

-Girls’ softball league will join TCLL in little league parade; they will have their own opening day ceremonies following the parade

-Tim Barry has been elected as the interim director of CM park and recreation

-Discussion was had regarding the state of the rules committee. Mike announced that the current committee will be meeting in the next 7 days; and if not, a discussion with the board will occur to discuss future state of the committee and those involved.

Old Business

-Joe Wagner Field bleachers were delivered and installed

-Discussion was had around the protocol for the re-opening of Joe Wagner field due to the current weather.

-Discussion was had around the potential for temporary lights at the Cove and Joe Wagner field to try and help make up games expected to be missed due to the weather. Mike will report back to the board after he has initial discussions.


New Business

Juniors Report:  No Update.

Majors Report:  Discussion/concern was brought up around the second weekend of Spring break games and lack of player availability due to travel ball tournaments.  Discussion was then had around the concept of a revised pool player system. Potential to pull league ready 10-year old’s up from minors.  Andy, Ross, and the minors’ managers will have a discussion about those identified players to gauge interest.  More to come on this conversation and topic.

Minors Report: No Update.

Rookie Report: 10 Teams and everything progressing nicely towards opening day. Note was made that special rules were submitted in December around coach/player pitching situations. No follow-up from rules committee.

Farm Report: Farm final player count was 110 (10 teams).

T-Ball Report: No Updates


Scheduling Update:

– Coaches game to be scheduled soon

-Majors league is limited to four “events” per week

-Marin Primary school has events on April 30th and May 20th that could cause scheduling issues. Joe and Jenn have proposed a plan to the school that would allow games to occur on those given dates but would require a handful of volunteers, on both days, to ensure we are directing traffic and keeping kids away from parking lot and areas set for staging of events. They will report back with their findings. Kim O’Connell volunteered to help create a document to allow people to volunteer on those days.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm


NEXT MEETING: 1st week of April