Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2023 – 7:30 PM – Virtual (Zoom)
BOD Members Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Jen Ellard, Joe Crane, AJ Rea, Bryce Fenster, Dan Searle, Kim O’Connell, Jon Stone, Tad Finnie, Brent Baker, Andy Revell and Jon Weinberg.

Adjunct BOD Present: Crystal Hough, and Seth Leibick.
1. Approval of Minutes 01/03/23-approved
2. Treasurer’s Report will be sent from Rajeev to the Board
3. President’s Report- Mike completed facility use agreement from town of Corte Madera. District manager meeting occurred on January 18th. TCLL chartered and insured for the upcoming 2023 season. Rule changes have been sent to the board of directors.

Old Business
– Joe Wagner field repairs report will be updated at the next board meeting. Bleachers will be delivered to Joe Wagner field on February 14th.
– Rules committee report will be updated at next board meeting.

New Business
– Juniors Report: registration down from last year. We will have enough players to field 2 teams. Field availability is also an issue. Player evaluations will occur the last week of February.
– Minors Report: enough players to field ten full teams. Request to potentially discuss pushing the rookie rostering back 2 weeks, next year, to ensure all minors teams are adequately filled first.
– Rookie Report: enough players to field seven teams. Practices are underway.
– Farm Report: 109 players. Ten teams. Thursday, February 16th, is coaches meeting. Farm teams will be joining all older teams on Joe Wag field for opening day ceremony.
– T-Ball Report: 37 kids registered and will fill four teams. Managers meeting tentatively slotted for February 21st.
– Uniform/Equipment Update: Uniforms and equipment have been distributed to most teams. Minors coaches will be provided with team bats.
– Scheduling Update: Reminder to coaches that Paradise sports is an option for practice space. Aiming for Majors and Minors’ schedules to be done by beginning of March.
– Opening Day Report: Town Center is staging area this year. Central Marin Police will supervise the parade on March 18th.
– All new coaches will be required to have their fingerprints taken on Saturday, March 4th.
– Team Parent meeting will be on March 2nd.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm

NEXT MEETING: 1st week of March