TCLL BOD Meeting Notes



Larkspur Recreation Center (240 Doherty Drive, Larkspur, CA 94939)

BOD members in attendance: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer, Andy Revell, Rajeev Ghia, Joe Crane, Blake Schaffer, Dan Searle, John Weinberg, Ross Murray, Erik Brent, Jen Ellard, Brent Baker, Tad Finnie, Kim O’Connell & Chris Coghlan

-Previous meetings notes approved

Treasures Report:

-Clarification requested by board on the overspend ($46k) on the player/umpire equipment line of P&L.

**Most of spend was on equipment (T&B) and Training Facility expenses (pitching machines, nets, ball carriers, etc., and Fall Ball/9-U all-star uniforms.

**Majority of these expenses will not be incurred in 2023

**$194k balance in budget

Presidents Report:

-Upcoming district meeting on 11/16

-Request of board, to Mike, was to inquire as to the length the background checks/fingerprints would be useable

-2023 registration fee discussion around raising rates. Motion was discussed and passed. Board in agreement to raise rates by a 7% increase as follows;

T-Ball/Farm- $290

Rookie- $320

Minors/Majors/Juniors- $400

-Last item of discussion was to vote on passing the motion of redrafting the majors division every year moving forward.

-comments from public were heard by the board first. Speakers were: Jay Sternberg, Peter Costa, James Connolly, Ryan Johnson, Paul Elmquist, Ted Meyer Jr., Jeremy Buford, Crystal Hough & Owen Tripp.

-comments from board members were then heard

-confidential vote by all board members was then held

-Results were as follows:

13 votes not in favor

7 votes in favor

voted by proxy Matt Boland, Steve Lightfoot, AJ Rea & Bryce Fenster

Motion did not pass

BOD meeting adjourned at 9:10pm