Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2022 – 7:15 PM – Perry’s Rest.
BOD Members Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Jen Ellard, Erik Brent, Joe Crane, AJ Rea, Bryce Fenster, Ross Murray, Dan Searle, Kim O’Connell, Blake Schaefer, Jon Stone, Ted Meyer, and Jon Weinberg.

Adjunct BOD Present: Crystal Hough, JaSin Carlen, Samantha Kahn, James Connolly, Peter Costa, and Seth Leibick.

1. Approval of Minutes October 4-approved / Treasurer’s Report-year-end report approved/ President’s Report –report on new presidents in district; report on rule changes for 2023.
2. Old Business
-Fall Ball Report -Umpire Training: Erik reported the enrollment is now 246 players and umpire training is proceeding smoothly. Bank of 24 umpires in place for the spring. Additional training planned for February, 2023.
3. New Business
-2023 Schedule-Opening Day is March 18.
Registration / Fees-fees to be examined at next meeting after discussion with treasurer. General consensus is for a modest increase given extravagant increase in player equipment in 2020.
Player evaluations & drafts: Majors and Rookie will be on January 21, 2023. Minors will follow and details will be set.
-Improvements Proposal for Joe Wagner Field: Proposal for shed in centerfield at Joe Wag was approved.
-Status report on Kirby Field renovation: Plan is to proceed in 2023 after season concludes there. MMPS will participate to 50%.
-Endowment Proposal-Proposal is to establish one for the league. Recruitment will be conducted to draft a proposal.
Ross Murray and Jon Weinberg notified the BOD that there will be a proposal to redraft in the majors for 2023. This item will be on the next agenda. The league membership will receive notice of the meeting.

NEXT MEETING: November 15, 2022