Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 4, 2022 – 7:30 PM – Perry’s Rest.
Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Andy Revell, Jen Ellard, Erik Brent, Joe Crane, AJ Rea, Bryce Fenster, Ross Murray, Dan Searle, Kim O’Connell, Chris Coghlan, and Tad Finnie.
Guests: Samantha Kahn, Peter Costa, Jon Stone

1. Approval of Minutes (September 20-approved as submitted / Treasurer’s Report-season ending financial report will be presented at next meeting / President’s Report-no district meeting to report, but meetings will resume this month; 2023 Opening Day is March 18, 2023 with return to truck parade planned.
2. Old Business – Fall Ball Report-Erik reported we have hosted an umpire clinic (16 attendees) and are pleased with the training of them in Fall Ball.
3. New Business – 2023 BOD Election: in accordance with little league national rules and procedure.

The Board of Directors made the following findings and adopted them by unanimous motion:
–A quorum of those in attendance included all who wished to participate and represented a cross-section of the league.
–Notices to all league members were sent 3 times by e-mail and published in the 6 local newspapers (8/31 and 9/7 editions).
–The 2023 BOD would be composed of 21 members.
–The nomination committee report was accepted, and the floor was open for additional nominations. There were none.
–Vote was taken for the 21 nominated members and election was unanimous.
–Officers were selected in accordance with the nominating committee report.

Adjournment 8:00