Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 20, 2022 – 7:30 PM
Present: Mike Boland, Matt Boland, Jay Sternberg, Andy Revell, Jenn Ellard, Erik Brent, Joe Crane, Jon Weinberg, and AJ Rea.
Guest: Tim Barry, Town of Corte Madera

1. Approval of Minutes (August 30-approved as submitted / Treasurer’s Report-season ending financial report will be presented at next meeting / President’s Report-no district meeting to report; 2023 Opening Day is March 18, 2023 with return to truck parade planned.
2. Old Business
Fall Ball Report-Erik reported we have 221 players and are maintaining a wait list for more.
Competitive Balance Proposal-deferred to 2003 BOD.
3. New Business
2023 BOD Election Schedule-Election meeting is 10/4 with 2 published notices and 3 notices to league members completed.

Adjournment 8:00