Board of Directors Meeting (via Zoom)
August 30, 2022 – 7:30 PM Minutes
Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer, Sr., Jon Weinberg, Bryce Fenster, Erik Brent, Joe Crane, Andy Revell, AJ Rea, Dan Searle, Tad Finnie, Kim O’Connell, Rajeev Ghia, Matt Boland, Jen Ellard, and Jay Sternberg.

1. Approval of Minutes: July 25)-adopted as submitted w/out change.
Treasurer’s Report: Approved as previously submitted. Rajeev reported there was little change. Fall Ball registration fees are arriving. Corte Madera rental fees were consistent with past years and were paid.
President’s Report: In-person BOD meetings to resume in October at Perry’s Rest. The adjunct BOD is being resurrected due to interest by several members to become involved in the BOD.

2. Old Business
Fall Ball Report: Over 200 players are registered and wait lists are being formed. The program is stronger than ever.
Competitive Balance Proposal: This is still with the Rules Comm.

3. New Business
2023 BOD Election Schedule: The election is October 4. Two notices will be published in the Twin Cities Times and three notices to the membership will be done.
Adjournment: 8:05 PM
Next Meeting: September 20