This year’s little league season has been full of non-stop fun — from exciting base steals, to incredible pitching, to jaw dropping fielding, and don’t forget those impressive home runs! Yes, this season had it all. Every player contributed to the excitement and we look forward to watching the Ted Meyer Tournament through the rest of the month. Thank you to all our players, volunteers, sponsors and parents are making this season memorable for our players. We couldn’t do it without you.

It’s that time of year when we announce our Twin Cities Little League All-Stars. These selected players were chosen to represent Twin Cities against our District counterparts. Congrats to these individuals.

Without further adieu, here is the list of the 2022 Twin Cities Little League All-Stars!

2022 TCLL 8 – 9 All-Star Team

Ren Atkins

Rho Atkins

Oliver Brown

Dylan Christensen

Jack Meyer

Grant Roberts

Santiago Saeltzer

Wyatt Schaefer

Danny Searle

James Sternberg

Sam Strasburg

Jared Weinberg


Alternates: Cameron Costa, Levi Pollard, Brooks Revell

Manager Ted Meyer; Coaches: Jay Sternberg, Ben Roberts


2022 TCLL 9 – 10 All-Star Team

Chase Coghlan

Oliver Conn

Brady Crane

Grayson Hall

Colin Jenkin

Cyrus Lee

Escher Lee

Luke McDonald

CJ O’Connell

Henry Tripp

Casper Weigert

Jasper Wolfe

Zak Zlatoper


Alternates: Luca Cullen, Miles Cunha, Ben Kenig

Manager: Colin O’Connell; Coaches: Chris Coghlan, Joe Crane


2022 TCLL 10 – 11 All-Star Team

John Clifford

Owen Connolly

Chase Capobianco

Declan Gray

Brody Guerrero

Owen Halse

Ryan Loebs

Dexter Petersen

Ryan Roberts

Ben Scales

Ben Schrumpf

Ryder Teakle

Chase Ulin


Alternates: Julian Grisman-Barton, Wyatt Scheeline

Manager: Ehren Halse; Coaches: Colin Capobianco, Matt Guerrero


2022 TCLL 11 – 12 All-Star Team

Jack Biel

Rowan Borghuis

Jacob Brent

Miles Bricker

Aidan Byrne

Drew Chun

Sebastien Drucker

Johnny Greco

Sean Fenster

Julian Mackler

Sean Ryan

Drew Weinberg

Mercer Whitty


Alternates: Nico Fortescue, Kai Nelson

Manager: Erik Brent; Coaches: Bryce Fenster, Mark Ryan


2022 TCLL Juniors All-Star Team

Danny Alvarez

Gabe Baker

Nick Brisbin

Randall Given

Jack Heathwood

Nick Markham

Jack McGovern

Reece Mori-Prange

Connor Murray

Willy Steele

Hunter Stein

Riley Ulin

Spencer Weinberg


Alternates: Noah Colety, Ben Harp, Luke Lazzareschi, Dylan McDonald, Campbell Mohan

Manager: Casey McGovern; Coaches: Matt Markham, Mike Murray, Joel Given