Board of Directors Meeting (via Zoom)


March 1st, 2022 –  7:30 pm


Present: Matt Boland, Mike Boland (Twin Cities Little League – Host), Ted Meyer, Ted Meyer Jr, Bryce Fenster, AJ Rea, Andy Revell, Dan Searle – Franklin

Jay Sternberg, Jonathan Weinberg, Joseph Crane, Kimberly O’Connell, Tad Finnie


League Reports

    • Approval of Minutes (Last Meeting) – Approved with no objections
      • Motion to approve by Jay Sternberg.
  •  Treasurer’s Report 
      • Sent out the report, prepared by Rajeev, highlights given by Mike Boland
        • Almost reached projected income with still $17k outstanding from sponsor’s. Should exceed projections.
        • Rent on Joe Wagner for last year is expected to be waived for last year’s season. 
        • Increased registration has led to increased revenues. 
    • President’s report
      • Still no District President’s meeting. 
      • Waiver application for Major’s player who has played the last two years with waivers. No post season play for this player. 
      • About a half dozen scholarships this year. 
    • Old Business
  • Umpire’s Clinic Updates
        • Steve Lightfoot running point, as usual. 
        • After clinic Rules Committee will meet
        • Discussion of dates for the Umpire Clinic, concerns we might not have enough umpires if some kids can’t make it. 
        • Question – Do other districts have transferable certification that these kids can make up?
          • Request to put a firm date on the calendar for an additional Umpire Training date to provide advanced notice. 
  • Sectionals
        • District Champions that play in an Elimination tournament
        • Last day of district play : 7/20
        • Joe Wagner will host Sectionals
  • Opening Day Parade 
        • Ted Sr to hang sign on Marin Primary Yard to block the lot day of the parade
  • All Star Jackets Change
        • Ted Sr proposes the transition to an All Star Sweatshirt, rather than a Jacket.
        • Ted Sr also proposes that the $50 AS fee is waived and sweatshirts are given to this year and last year’s players free of charge. 
        • Debate regarding the waiving of the fee and the free sweatshirts. 
        • VOTE – President proposes maintaining the fee and offering sweatshirts to this year All-Stars. 
          • Proposal passes with no objections . 
  • Game Changer Fee
      • Last couple of years we’ve paid for master contract with GameChanger to give a universal benefit to the entire league. 
      • TCLL buys community passes for the team so people can become fans of the team / watch games remotely. Teams would set up their own GC, send in the links, was around $100 a team and is now $250 a team. Proposed benefit would raise costs from $2500 for the league to around $5000.
      • A parent is creating a GameChanger guide to pass out to parents. 
        • To be hosted on the TCLL website.