Thank you for registering for the Twin Cities Little League Juniors Division for the Spring 2022 Season. The purpose of this email is to inform you about the important dates and other information related to the start of the season. You will hear specifics about things like practices and games directly from the head coach of your team.
Registration numbers are very strong – it looks like we will have 3 or 4 juniors teams, depending on last-minute registrations.
We will be holding evaluations the weekend of February 5 & 6, 9:00-10:30am, at Albert Park – 618 B Street, San Rafael, CA.
Your registered player should plan to attend only ONE day of evaluation.
There will not be a make-up evaluation.
These are EVALUATIONS not tryouts. Think of it as a chance for players to showcase whatever skills they are proud of and think will help contribute to their team. It’s not about exposing weaknesses, and nobody will be cut. There may be extraordinary circumstances, if a player is identified as a safety risk, that require us to have a difficult conversation. This has not happened in the four years I have been managing the Juniors Division.
Players should come prepared to play a baseball game – dressed in cleats, baseball pants, athletic shirt and hat. Players may not try out in shorts. Players should bring their own glove/mitt, and any other personal baseball gear that they like to use. There will be a limited number of shared bats and other gear available.
Players who consider themselves catchers will have opportunities to showcase their skills. Please bring your gear if you want to be a catcher.
We will measure speed, throwing/pitching, fielding, and hitting.
A draft will take place on Sunday, Feb. 6, and teams will be announced shortly after.
Practices will begin at the coaches’ discretion. Schedules will likely come with your team announcement.
Games will start in March, after the time-change when we have more daylight in the evenings.
Most practices will happen at either Albert Park or Redwood High School,s Endriss Field – the one you can see from Doherty Drive.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on February 5/6!