Board of Directors Meeting (via Zoom)

Jan 4th, 2022 –  7:30 pm

Present: Matt Boland, Mike Boland, Bryce Fenster, Rajeev Ghia, AJ Rea, Andy Revell, Brent Baker, Casey Roberts, Chris Coghlan, Dan Searle, Erik Brent, Jay Sternberg, Jennifer Ellard, Joe Crane, Jonathan Weinberg, Kimberly O’Connell, Ross Murray, Tad Finnie, and  Ted Meyer Jr.

  • Approval of Minutes (12/6/21) – No changes were proposed and the minutes were approved as drafted.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Currently at 80% of where we were at last year.
    • Registration will not close. No date published.
    • Due to team building concerns, majors will be locked.
  • President’s Report
    • Meeting with district presidents from the district proceeding via Zoom.
    • Town Center has received a request from the President regarding opening day. Insurance will be inquired about.
    • 6 new presidents in the district.
    • Charter and insurance for 2022 season are in place.
    • Blasts re evaluation day will be sent

Old Business : None.

Fall Ball Report: Erik and Andy reported that the program is over and that the umpire training was very effective. A total of 18 new umpires were trained. The program had the highest number of participants ever in TCLL.

Joe Wagner Improvement Report: Replacement of infield grass delayed but will still be completed before opening day.

Player Evaluations Committee:

  • Eval Day Procedure document shared via screen share.
    • Document available upon request.