Dear Fellow Baseball Fans,

What joy we experienced during our first weekend of little league baseball in more than a year. All our fans, coaches, and players observed the new protocol and seemed to enjoy the game again. Thank you for cooperating with the new seating plan and play rules. For the time being, they will remain in effect. When the tier status changes, we will revise the restrictions.

Focusing on the new COVID-19 related rules, we ask the team parents of those teams playing to please monitor the fans for your team with regard to the new rules. That means mask-wearing, social distancing, and complying with the applicable seating chart. Members of the board of directors are increasing their presence at the games, but we cannot be everywhere. The entire league needs to enforce the temporary rules or play may be interrupted.

T-Ball games will have to be relocated so that family members may attend the games. Look for that announcement shortly.

We ask for your patience as we configure the opening of the snack shack. Some hurdles to resuming operation still exist and we are working to hop over them soon. You will receive an announcement when we can open.

Once again, thanks for your cooperation in resuming play.

I will credit Jack Perconte for this quote, “Playing Baseball for pay-home run. Teaching kids to play the game-priceless.”


Mike Boland, President