BOD Minutes – March 15, 2021 – Zoom Meeting

Present: Mike Boland, Bryce Fenster, Casey Roberts, Jon Weinberg Ted Meyer, Jr., Paul Gehrman, Rajeev Ghia, Ross Murray, Erik Brent, Jay Sternberg, Scott Calzaretta, Kim O’Connell, Andy Revell, Dan Searle, and Brent Baker.


  1. 2021 Season: Ross Murray and Mike Boland reported on the compliance with the new protocol at Joe Wagner over the opening weekend and Bryce Fenster reported on The Cove games. Others echoed the same impressions. All in all, there was uniform compliance with the new protocols. It was decided that additional signage would be posted and team parents asked to monitor their team compliance with the new playing rules. Also, coaches and managers would receive an email emphasizing the new rules.
  2. T-Ball Games: It was agreed to move them to Town Park in Corte Madera so that fans could attend as the County is not permitting fans at Gilardi Field. Rajeev will make these changes.

Adjournment: 8:30 PM

Next Meeting: To Be Set when the tier changes or April 8, whichever comes first.