Dear Fellow Baseball Fans,

With the help of board member Ross Murray, we have prepared a spectator seating chart for Joe Wag and a Cove seating plan for play this weekend.

Specific to Joe Wag on Saturday, the stands between the dugouts and the Snack Shack are closed as they are needed to socially distance the players. The stands along the left-field line are closed. The stands along the right-field line are limited to one member of each player household with social distance rules in effect. Household cohorts can watch from the outfield bleachers. Social distance rules apply at all times and in all places.

The Snack Shack will not be open this weekend but will re-open on March 20 and will remain open on weekends through the season.

These rules are to comply with California Public Health recommendations. If we fail to follow them, the league will be shut down. Our expectation is they are temporary. We will be constantly revisiting them during the season. You will be advised when changes are made.

It is our hope that everyone understands the need to comply with the restrictions and we can launch the season successfully this weekend.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Now, let’s play ball!


Mike Boland, President