Dear Fellow Baseball Fans,

As we approach opening day, it is important to remind everyone that we have many restrictions in place which are essential to our permission to play. The managers are alerting our members to these, such as no spectators allowed in the stands between the dugouts and snack shack. Please honor these without question. It is adherence to these temporary measures that will allow us to continue play. Conversely, failure to comply will interrupt the season. I am confident these rules will be followed by our baseball fans.

We decided to forego the normal opening day parade and ceremony so that we can host as many games as possible and comply with the requisite health regulations. We will return to these time-honored traditions next season.

Finally, I wish to publicly thank the members of the board of directors who have to lead not only our league but the entire little league district in developing the plan to resume play. It is nothing short of marvelous.

As the great Boston Red Sox player, David Ortiz once said, “I just want to play Baseball.”


Mike Boland, President