Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer Jr., Ted Meyer, Jon Weinberg, Chad Solter, Ross  Murray, Rajeev Ghia, Casey Roberts, Kim O‘Connell, Bryce Fenster, Dan Searle, Andy Revell, Jaime Byrnes, Tad Finnie, Jay Sternberg, Brent Baker, Paul Gehrman, and Erik Brent.

  1. Approval of Minutes (December 15) – Approved as submitted
    • Treasurer’s Report – Approved as submitted
    • President’s Report – Negotiations continue between the Town of Corte Madera and City of Larkspur regarding field use and fees.
  1. Old Business
    • 2021 Registration / Calendar – Nothing new was added to the calendar. The player enrollment is about 60% of normal at present.
    • Evaluation Committee Report – A discussion was had regarding the virtual tryouts announced and “tutorial” sessions were scheduled for next week. An effort to increase registration will be done through the managers and coaches from last season.
  1. New Business
    • Team Size: The BOD approved a limit of 8 players per team in Tball and 10 in Farm divisions. A request for reducing the number of players per team in Majors to 11 or 12 to retain flexibility will be sought from Little League. Teams may end up with different totals of players.
    • Legal Report: The BOD completed a discussion with legal counsel..


Adjournment 8:45 PM

Next Mtg. February 11