Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer Jr., Ted Meyer, Jon Weinberg, Chad Solter, Ross  Murray, Rajeev Ghia, Casey Roberts, Kim O‘Connell, Bryce Fenster, Scott Calzaretta, Andy Revell, Jaime Byrnes, Tad Finnie, Jay Sternberg, Brent Baker, and Erik Brent.

  1. Approval of Minutes (November 19) – Approved as submitted
  •  Treasurer’s Report – Approved as submitted
  •  President’s Report – There is encouraging news from the State and the new guidelines allow for play in the red tier. The expected approval is in late January.
  1. Old Business
  • 2021 Registration / Calendar – Nothing new was added to the calendar. The player enrollment is 207 at present.
  • Evaluation Committee Report – The Committee is creating a virtual video tryout protocol to be submitted to parents of each player ages 8 to 14. Sample videos were viewed and approved. A written set of instructions is being prepared for distribution. We expect this will be sent to members before the next meeting.
  1. New Business
  •  Legal Report: The BOD completed a discussion with legal counsel.


Adjournment 8:30

Next Mtg. January 7. 2021