Dear Fellow Baseball Fans,

Last week, we completed the election process remotely and the 2021 BOD was selected. Most of the 2020 members returned with the exception of Karmela Cleary, to whom we owe gratitude for her service. Kim O’Connell replaced her as the team parent coordinator. Also, Andy Revell and Dan Searle joined us. In fact, every person who received a vote joined the BOD.

Our meeting dates for 2020 are posted on the website. The agenda is posted about one week before each meeting. Given the pandemic, we are meeting by Zoom for the remainder of 2020.

We are planning for a full 2021 season and a return to play for all. We hope to open registration in November so please watch for the announcement. In the meantime, feel free to make any suggestions for next season.

Given the MLB playoffs, we can enjoy a quote from Reggie Jackson, “You can’t steal second base and keep a foot on first base.”


Mike Boland