BOD Present: Mike Boland, Ted Meyer Jr., Scott Calzaretta, Jon Weinberg, Jay Sternberg, Chad Solter, Bryce Fenster, Erik Brent, Kim O’Connell, Ross Murray, Casey Roberts, and Tad Finnie.

Members Present: Dan Searle, Andy Revell

  • Approval of Minutes (August 18) – approved unanimously as proposed
  • Treasurer’s Report – There is a loss of $56K this year after all refunds have been processed. Fall ball fees have been collected.
    • Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.
  • President’s Report – District fees are paid for 2021.
  • Old Business
  • 2020 Season Status – Overall it was a challenging year, but it ended with a full and healthy fall ball program
  • New Business

2021 BOD Election: Results announced and everyone on the BOD last year was sent back with the exception of Kim replacing Karmela as the team parent coordinator. Karmela will be recognized for her service on opening day 2021. Little League protocol from the official website for the election was followed. The decision was made to elect everyone who received at least a vote, so Andy Revell and Dan Searle were added to the BOD. The new BOD is 21 members. Andy will be the assistant to the player agent. Dan is considering where he will help.

  • Open Time for Non-Emergency Items – no issues raised


Next Meeting: To be set as Larkspur Rec. Director has retired. The meeting will be held mid-October.