Dear Twin Cities Little League families,
While we are all still missing Little League baseball and the joy the sport brings to children and families, work has been continuing behind the scenes. The bathroom renovation at Joe Wagner is near completion, discussions about Fall Ball continue, and Joe Wagner Field looks pristine. The City of Larkspur also honored TCLL with the ‘Best of Larkspur Award for Recreation Clubs.’
I am happy to report that our district administrator supervised an operations review which was just completed. One had not been conducted in many years, so it proved to be a useful process. The staff conducting the review included the little league district administrator, three former and respected presidents of TCLL, and a former treasurer. They acted as neutral third-party evaluators. This action was in response to a parent’s criticisms and concerns about the transparency of TCLL’s management, finances, and leadership. The accusations were patently false although rumors were spread.
The findings from the review are summarized as follows:
  • The financial management of the league has been appropriate in all respects;
  • All Little League International regulations have been complied with;
  • League officials did not receive any funds or services (as alleged) that would jeopardize our charter with Little League International; and
  • Twin Cities Little League acted properly in all aspects of the operation.
This report doesn’t come as a surprise, and we were pleased to receive the validation of our league’s efforts from a third party.  We will continue to seek to be a transparent organization so that league families have confidence in the direction and leadership of the league.  Our monthly board meetings are open to all, and we encourage any parent interested in learning more about how the league operates to attend.  The location of the meetings are posted on our website, and the agendas and minutes of each meeting are posted before and after each meeting.    Lastly, our board is always welcoming of any new member who shows interest in volunteering at that level.  If you have an interest, please come to a meeting or reach out to any board member for information.  And beyond the board, we are thankful for all of the parents, siblings, and others who volunteer on and off the field to make our league possible.
This year has been a very stressful one for everyone. Let’s now begin planning for the 2021 season. Little League Baseball and the Joe Wagner experience will return, and I am pleased to be part of it.
As Terence Mann said, “People will come.”
Mike Boland –

Grateful to be your TCLL President