Present: Mike Boland, Bryce Fenster, Ted Meyer, Chad Solter, Jaime Byrnes, Casey Roberts, Jon Weinberg, Tad Finnie, Ted Meyer, Jr., Paul Gehrman, Ross Murray, Erik Brent, Casey Roberts, Jay Sternberg, Brent Baker,and Karmela Cleary.

Minutes: May minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Report given by Jon W. – approved. Estimated operating loss this season is approximately $40,000. Refunds will be processed as outlined below.

President’s Report: Marin County is not allowing play during the month of June and all indicators are that play will not be allowed this summer. Erik Brent provided valuable information relative to this topic which is consistent with this impression. The next president’s meeting is June 10.


2020 Season: Given the inability to play, the 2020 spring season is canceled. All other little leagues in the district have previously canceled the season, and we are the last to do so. Full refunds will now be offered to players and families in minors and majors. The board makes this decision regrettably, but there is no option given the government orders in effect. According to the information shared in the meeting, there is a strong possibility that fall ball may not be allowed either. Baseball clinics are allowable under player numbers and other restrictions, but no games or groups exceeding 12 players are allowed. It was agreed that we stay ready to develop a season once allowed.

Attorney-Client Matter: The board discussed potential litigation with counsel concerning an item that developed recently.


Adjournment: 9:05 PM

Next Meeting: To be set but before the end of this month. We are awaiting notice from the County of Marin regarding play in July.