Present: Mike Boland, Bryce Fenster, Jay Sternberg, Ted Meyer, Chad Solter, Jaime Byrnes, Casey Roberts, Jon Weinberg Tad Finnie, Ted Meyer, Jr., Ross Murray, Casey Roberts, Steve Lightfoot, Jaime Byrnes, and Karmela Cleary.

Guests: Ned White, District Administrator, Jeff Harp

Minutes: February minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Report given by Jon W. – approved

President’s Report: Novato little leagues working with Marin County and District to start play this summer. Ted Meyer Jr. and Karmela Cleary are to coordinate TCLL into this effort.


Refund Report: Refunds have been provided to all players in the T-Ball, Farm, Rookie, and Junior divisions. Major and Minors to be decided when season feasibility finalized. Day with the Giants: TCLL received full refund and so did all purchasers of tickets. TCLL has received refunds on other items such as Gamechanger and event insurance for opening day.

Harp Proposal: Jeff Harp proposed a tournament format once and if approval to play is given. This may be necessary due to the player’s other commitments. This proposal was favorably received.

Ben Cohen Proposal: The board decided not to allow rental of Joe Wagner for private baseball instruction.

Audit: Ned White advised that he is ordering an audit of TCLL in response to a complaint made to western region headquarters. The board decided to cooperate fully and welcomes the audit.

Adjournment 8:55 PM
Next Meeting: June 9