Dear TCLL Families,


As promised, we have made a decision for the spring season which includes a refund policy. Before outlining it, I wish to thank all those who serve on the board of directors for their support and innovation during this difficult time. These are folks who spent several months preparing for a season that was suddenly suspended.


 At this point, we have made the decision to cancel the 2020 spring season for T-Ball, Farm, Rookie, and Juniors divisions.  For the Minors and Majors division, we are going to push the decision until May 31 in the off-chance that health department guidelines enable us to start up play for an extended spring season starting in June (this standby posture is is especially important to our 12-year-old players who may miss the “golden year” at Joe Wagner Field).  However, we should expect that those divisions will be canceled as well.


 But hope is not lost on Little League this year. We remain optimistic that some form of Little League can be resurrected in the summer or fall. As such, we are prepared to quickly construct such a program once we have local and state permission to do so. Little League has already announced it will not alter its age requirements for the summer or fall.


 You will receive a separate email by tomorrow through the registration system with instructions on refunds, but the summary of that email is as follows:

  • We are offering full refunds to all families.
  • However, the league has already spent $110 per player for this now-canceled season. These are direct costs for items that have no value for next year or are ongoing expenses (including one-time expenses) for which we are contractually committed.  Some examples are field rental and maintenance expenses, insurance, and hats that were already distributed.
  •  In anticipation of the event, we have secured refunds from certain vendors for prepaid expenses such as the insurance for the opening day parade and Teamsnap subscription.
  •  Expenses relating to equipment and similar items that can be used in the future, such as new equipment, the new bathroom at Joe Wag and Kirby Field renovations, are not included in this sum.

Therefore, we will ask families who are able to do so to accept a refund of their registration fees LESS the $110 per player already spent (Juniors families, look for a separate email on this topic).  If you would prefer to donate your registration fees in full to the league, we would welcome that and provide instructions in the follow-up email.


Non-volunteer fees will be fully refunded.


The email will include a link to a google form that will tell us the option you prefer.  Please fill out this form by May 31.  Minors and Majors families, please fill out this form in anticipation of cancellation.  The form you will receive also seeks to measure the interest for a summer and fall league.


We will start processing the refunds shortly, but your patience is requested given the amount of work required. We have over 500 players registered and as you can imagine the registration systems weren’t built for this.


A board of directors meeting will be held via zoom later this month. Look for the announcement on the league website.


It is our hope that everyone is and stays healthy during this crisis. On behalf of the board of directors, we thank you for your patience and understanding. Little League will return and we are ready to lead the charge when it is.


As Mike Krukow is fond of saying, Baseball will be back and we will all be back.


Mike Boland