As promised, we have been closely monitoring the ever-evolving awareness of the health crisis. Prominent in our consideration are the following items:

–San Francisco Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax recommends schools can stay open as the virus is mild in children. It poses the greatest danger to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Schools remain open there, as are the public schools in Marin County. It appears the Marin County Heath Dept. is in agreement as it has not recommended canceling outdoor activities or the closing of schools.

–CDC and WHO guidelines have not included the cancellation of outdoor activities. We previously reported the protocol for attendance at these activities.

–Little League International has not recommended cancellation of any activity in connection with its baseball season.

In view of the present state of knowledge, we are planing to proceed with the parade and a very abbreviated ceremony (5-10 minutes).  The ceremony will start immediately after the parade (app. 8:30) Players will be asked to disperse after that. Games will proceed as scheduled.

We are developing an increased safety protocol to address and attack the virus on our equipment and hope to institute it immediately.

We advise all elderly and those with underlying health conditions to not participate on Saturday.

There will be no T-Ball or Farm opening ceremony. After the parade, all players in those divisions not in the first game should depart.

We remain committed to balancing the safety of all and the pure joy of the start of Baseball. Please check for an further update tomorrow on this matter.


Mike Boland, President