We are monitoring this situation quite closely. The Marin County Health Dept. is recommending cancellation of indoor events with more than 100 in attendance. It has not done so regarding outdoor events, and neither has the CDC or WHO. Public schools remain open. Therefore, we are not changing the opening day plans. If that situation changes, we will let you know through this method.

Of course, if a player does not attend opening day, there will be no league-imposed consequence. Everyone is expected to make their own decision.

In view of the situation, we will shorten the time spent in the parade and opening ceremony.  The ceremony will start promptly at 9 and conclude by 9:20. Players not engaged in a game will be immediately released.

We are balancing the need for safety with the enjoyment of the start of Baseball Season. While we do so, you will be closely advised in the next few days.

Despite this circumstance, we are celebrating the return of one of childhod’s most enjoyable experiences. To do so, we request and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.