Present: Mike Boland, Paul Gehrman, Bryce Fenster, Jay Sternberg, Ted Meyer, Chad Solter, Jaime Byrnes, Casey Roberts, Jon Weinberg Tad Finnie, Ted Meyer, Jr., Scott Calzaretta, Bryce Fenster, Rajeev Ghia, Ross Murray, and Karmela Cleary.

Guest: Paul Elmquist, Rules Committee

Minutes: January minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Registration-income is increased over this time last year.

President’s Report: 6 other leagues participating in 50/70 Program; TCLL BOD banquet being set for March.


  • Registration Report: More players registered this season than 2019. Expect to finish with over 500 players.
  • Training Program Report & Budget: Approved as submitted. Discussion over farm league and consensus was dropping it the first 2 weekends. Tad will prepare blast to announce program.
  •  League Constitution Approval: Adopted unanimously as submitted.
  • Accounting Firm Change: Recommendation to change and eliminate fees as service exchanged for sponsorship. Thanks to Jon for negotiating this.
  • Kirby Field (“Field of Dreams”) Renovation” Marin Primary unable to contribute in 2020. BOD voted to proceed with $20,000 of renovation after 2020 season. Will resume asking for additional money from Marin Primary.
  • Tryouts Suggestions 2021: Discussion of alternative methods in 2021. Referred to Rules Committee in the fall.

Adjournment 9:05

Next Meeting: March 10