TeamSnap has your team's latest games and practices. Please use TeamSnap for your team's schedule.

Schedules are updated weekly on Mondays.

Changes to schedule

If you are a Manager, please follow the process below to change the schedule.

  1. Reach out to your Division Commissioner to see if Pool Play is an option first.
  2. If Pool Play is not an option, email and copy your Division Commissioner and the impacted Team Manager.
  3. The TCLL scheduling team will do their best to accommodate the request based on availability and confirm the request is in line with Little League rules. See each Division’s Page for official rules.
  4. The TCLL scheduling team will respond via email to confirm the request or suggest an alternative.

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Games take precedence over practice slots.
  • Please make all requests 48 hours before the requested time. That time buffer provides parents and players enough time to adjust.
  • To ensure we can get the most kids on the field, the practice times will cross over a bit. The team with the later practice slot will start in the outfield until the team with the earlier slot finishes their time.

If you are a Parent, please see your Team Manager for any questions to the schedule.

Let’s get out there and play ball!

Thank you,

Twin Cities Little League Scheduler