Program Info

TCLL offers six divisions of baseball


Ages 5-6


Ages 6-7


Ages 7-8


Ages 9-10


Ages 11-12


Ages 13-15

To learn more about the best placement for your player visit the Age Determination Date at the official Little League site.

Placement also includes

School grade, previous baseball experience, the players best interest and preference


Going through the program

From ages 5-12, a child will play 8 seasons before finishing Majors.

Most players will repeat 3 divisions. We recommend repeating Farm, Minors, and Majors


Objectives & expected level of play by division

T-Ball: Age 5


  • Safely holding and swinging the bat
  • Stance, grip, simple swing, NO THROWING THE BAT
  • Basic base-running
  • How to score runs
  • When are you “out”?


  • How to safely catch the ball
  • Very early throwing fundamentals
  • Positions names and locations
  • Ways to get an “out”: forces vs tags

Farm: Ages 6-7


  • Hitting a Moving Ball
    • Seeing and tracking the ball
    • Timing: “Loading” to get ready to swing
  • Strikes, balls, strikeouts, walks, and foul balls.
  • Improve base-running awareness and decision-making i.e. Tagging up


  • Basic Situational awareness - for each pitch, where to throw the ball if it is hit to you, and where to be if it is hit to someone else.

Rookie: Ages 7-8


  • Building confidence and introducing intermediate gameplay concepts
  • Faster pitching (machine pitch) and hard ball
  • Sliding into bases
  • Tagging Up


  • Introduce “Intermediate” gameplay concepts and skills
  • Introduce Catcher position
  • Introduce Double Plays
  • Introduce Relays
  • Defensive hierarchy and communication: pop-up and fly ball communication

Minors: 8-10


  • “Intermediate” Base-running concepts
  • “Secondary” leads after ball crosses plate
  • Stealing
  • Reading passed balls
  • Strategy
    • 1st & 3rd plays
    • Bunt defense
  • “Intermediate” Hitting Concepts
      • Pitch selection
      • Bunting
      • Signs and plays


  • Situational Awareness and Run-Prevention
  • Defending steals and bunts
  • Late & close game scenarios i.e. “infield in”
  • Introduce pitching fundamentals
    • Basic mechanics
    • Basic pitch grips: fastball, changeup
    • Basic rules of being the pitcher: how to stand on the mound and legally deliver a pitch
  • “Intermediate” Catching Skills
    • Calling pitches
    • Blocking
    • Throwing out runners

Majors: 10-12


  • “Advanced” base-running rules
  • Infield fly, interference, obstruction
  • “Advanced” mechanics to improve bat speed & power


  • “Advanced” Pitching
    • Breaking ball mechanics and grips
    • Emphasize command and strategic pitch-selection
  • Comfort with faster gameplay and higher expectations

Juniors: 13-15


  • Baserunning
    • Live leads and steals
    • “Advanced” offensive strategy with new tools available to runners i.e hit & run


  • Managing new base-running situations i.e hit & run
  • Adjusting to bigger field