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Feb, 2019

No More Water Bottle Waste

To continue our effort to protect and improve the health of our players, we will no longer sell one-time use plastic water bottles at Joe Wagner Field. Instead, we will be selling re-usable TCLL water bottles that can be filled at the water station located just outside our snackbar. The water station is available 24 hours per day seven days per week.
Only 1 of 6 used water bottles are actually recycled. Most are dumped into landfill where they will last hundreds of years. The plastic used in the one-time use bottles often contain BPA, a chemical that sometimes leaches into the water.  Our TCLL bottles are BPA-free and made of #2 plastic (recyclable).
Further, we hope this will reduce the garbage strewn at our fields while teaching our players a good "green" habit. This will support the lessons taught at school and home about sustainable Earth practices.
Our new TCLL water bottle will cost $3.00, a reasonable sum for a season full of water. 
Please join us in making this step forward.

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